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"When I found Vanessa online I knew she would be exactly

what I was looking for. We met in person and discussed

everything I did, and did not want for my flowers. She was kind,

creative, and very fun to work with. My flowers were just how I

imagined they would be, and more! She made the barn come

to life with her work. My wedding day was truly magical, and I

have her to thank!"


// kirsta hollomon


Photo by Love Lit Wedding Photography

Photo by Love Lit Wedding Photography

Photo by Dawn Photography

Photo by Dawn Photography







"Booking Vanessa for our wedding was the best decision I

could've made. On top of being a joy to work with, she was

punctual, kind, organized, inspiring, creative, and responsive.

She was everything you would want in a vendor and more!

Vanessa would always run ideas by me and of course they

were all wonderful. I sent her a link to my Pinterest board and

she understood the mood and vision I wanted right away. The

rest just fell into place!  Every bouquet and every boutonniere

was carefully crafted and incredibly detailed. The moment I put

on my flower crown, I felt like the most beautiful bride. She has

a really good eye for style and I cannot wait to book her again."


// May Nguyen







"I discovered Vanessa on Instagram a while before my

husband and I got engaged, and I instantly fell in love with her

work. The beauty she creates feels organic in a way that

makes something so simplistic and natural become alluring

and romantic. Once we started planning our wedding I knew

she would be perfect to work with. She is such a kindhearted

person which made the planning process so smooth and

comfortable. With her style and creativity I trusted her with

whatever she felt inspired to do. The end result was

breathtaking! We could not have pictured a more beautiful day

thanks to Vanessa."


// amy elliot

Photo by A Visual Anthology

Photo by A Visual Anthology

Photo by Sarah Harrison Photography

Photo by Sarah Harrison Photography




"I have always adored florals. When Andrew and I started

planning our wedding, Vanessa was definitely one of the first

people I was beyond excited to contact and collaborate with.

Her artistic eye and ability to expand the beauty of creation

into unique and simply gorgeous arrangements has always

drawn me to her work. She has a huge heart for the brides she

works with and it's her primary goal to make sure that couples

have quality florals that fit their specific wedding vision. She

really captured my desire for very whimsical wildflowers and I

feel that my florals were above and beyond what I imagined

them to be." 


// Ella Kaye 







"My first priority when we got engaged was to secure Vanessa

as our florist and stylist. I knew that her creativity and eye for

beauty could make my wedding dreams come to life. My

personality is a bit controlling, but I felt so comfortable letting

her work her magic. I showed her a few pictures of things I

liked and put the rest in her hands. She was so easy to work

with and has such a lovely heart and personality. Every detail

thoughtful and magical-- the gorgeous hand-lettered signs,

ombré table center pieces, and whimsical flower crown that

made me feel so beautiful. I would highly recommend Vanessa

to anyone looking for any type of arrangement or styling." 


// Katelyn Leonard

Photo by Olivia Strohm Photography

Photo by Olivia Strohm Photography

Photo by Oliva Strohm Photography

Photo by Oliva Strohm Photography









"I had been admiring Vanessa's work long before we had the

privilege of booking her for our wedding, and working with her

just added to my admiration! I have never seen more beautiful

floral pieces than what she prepared for my wedding day.

Everything she arranged fit my vision to a "T" and she was the

overwhelming reason our wedding day was so dreamy. She is

soft-spoken but has such obvious strength in this profession. I

will undoubtedly recommend her to others in the future!"


// Mckenna Merek









"When my husband and I first got engaged she contacted me

immediately and offered her work to us. I gave her random

pictures and my ideas of what I wanted and she made our day

absolutely beautiful. Vanessa is very talented in all she does. I

felt comfortable to give her the freedom to create our wedding

display and it was the most dreamy day because of her work. I

highly recommend Tribes N Pines. You get more than pretty

flowers on your wedding day, she brings a peace and calm to

all she does."



Photo by Woodman Weddings

Photo by Woodman Weddings

Photo by Woodman Weddings

Photo by Woodman Weddings




"My husband and I cannot thank Vanessa and her team enough

for how dreamy they made our wedding day. Soon after I got

engaged, and without any idea of what certain florals and such

were called, Vanessa met with my nervous-to-plan-a-wedding

self and I showed her simple pictures of what I was desiring for

my day. Even though my ideas were a bit sporadic, Vanessa

could read my mind of what I was wanting and she went further

than above and beyond to make it all happen extravagantly.

Thanks to her pure heart of gold, we got FAR more than we

bargained for on our wedding day! I felt like a total princess as

she delicately and confidently fit the flower crown on my head,

and her floral arrangements granted me so much confidence

as I floated down the aisle. Tribes N Pines work truly made our

wedding day captivating, and we can't thank her or

recommend her enough!"










"We were so lucky to have Vanessa do our florals. We never

could have dreamed up the floral design she created for us. It

fit our vision flawlessly. Allowing her to design freely was the

best decision we made, and everyone noticed. And not only

were our flowers beautiful, the planning process, meetings,

and emails were sweet, organized, and gracious. It is truly hard

for us to put into words how grateful we are for the incredible

work Vanessa did for us. We would pick her again a million

times over if we could."


// The mansfield's

Photo by Olivia Strohm Photography

Photo by Olivia Strohm Photography

Photo by Sarah Harrison Photography

Photo by Sarah Harrison Photography









"Vanessa was nothing but wonderful. She put together flower

arrangements more beautiful than I ever imagined it. She was

so kind and flexible when last minute details came up, and was

very quick with replies. I would recommend Vanessa to

everyone in need of a florist! She has the passion, drive, and

personality to make your vision come true!"


// Kaitlyn Dove








"Vanessa was a dream to work with, and is a major talent. For

my wedding, she crafted a stunning succulent and floral

bouquet, and a delicate flower crown that looked flawless and

lasted from our first look to the sparkler send off. The entire

pre-wedding process with her was fantastic, as she is

super responsive and is extremely knowledgable about her

craft. Her work is client-focused, expertly curated, and made

with so much love! I would recommend Vanessa (and already

have) to anyone looking for gorgeous florals of any kind and for

any occasion." 



// Kathryn Pratt

Photo by Olivia Strohm Photography

Photo by Olivia Strohm Photography

Photo by Benj Haisch

Photo by Benj Haisch






"In the midst of the overwhelming, high-stress

environment that is your own wedding day,

Tribes N Pines offered something intrinsically

valuable: confidence. Tribes N Pines offered

an impressive blend of timeless and modern,

showcasing Vanessa’s unique ability to

satisfy her clients’ needs, while staying true

to who she is as a designer and florist."


// The Woodmans









"Vanessa has easily over the past year and a half become one of my favorite people to follow on social media. I had first got ahold of Vanessa in hopes that she would make my flower crown for my wedding after seeing what amazing work she did for Audrey Roloff. I had no idea that she would actual respond to my fan girl email, but she did and she was so sweet and kind and so excited to help me! Her and her husband’s anniversary fell around the time of my wedding and they took time out of their trip to come help me on my big day! Selfless, is a word I would use to describe Vanessa! She is absolutely incredible and made me feel so comfortable and listened to my ideas and also chimed in when I asked her for ideas. Her communication with me was always quick as well, I always felt like I was a priority. I highly recommend Vanessa for any sort of arrangement you are looking for. I am grateful to her, and all she did for me."


// Claire Edwards

Photo by Olivia Strohm Photography

Photo by Olivia Strohm Photography

Photo by Bethany Small

Photo by Bethany Small




"Vanessa is passionate, creative and darn

good at what she does. She made my vision

come to life on my wedding day. I showed

her what I was thinking with flowers and the

style I was going for and it was more than I

could have imagined on my wedding day!

She will put your mind at ease so that you

can take in every moment on the day of. I

highly recommend her for all your styling and

florist needs!"


// Savannah Shea






"Vanessa was one of the sweetest, most  

creative people we hired to help with our

wedding! She brought my vision to life and I

never had to worry about a thing. She is so

creative and has such a big heart. I would

recommend Vanessa's work to anyone and

I'm so thankful that she got to help me!"


// Hannah Novak

Photo by Amanda K Photography

Photo by Amanda K Photography